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Your Vintage

Do you have a favourite song? Is there a particular track that takes you back to your childhood? Your first love? Your happiest memory?

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14:00 - Defining Decades: The 1970s

Hair is a-flowing and jeans a-flaring as we discover that disco dazzled and rock went glam, and how the decade got DIY as punk stamped all over the 70s.

17:00 - Tune In... To 1979

The Sony Walkman went on sale in Japan, a nudist beach was established in Brighton and McDonald's introduced the Happy Meal... Tune in and fall in love with our selection of the best music of 1979.


It's over to you, our esteemed audience, for our exciting new show - Your Vintage (Fridays, 2pm) - which puts you on the spot, in a very good way, and in the spotlight! For the chance to win £100, just send us a video asking for your favourite song and telling us why you love it - simple! If your video request is chosen to be broadcast on Vintage TV, we'll give you £100. Please send your videos to, tweet them to us @VintageTV or post them on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing YOU!


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